Social Distancing Event Packages

Let’s get this party started…!
Affordable Social Event Packages
At NextArts we’ve been thinking about how to help your parties and events come together during these times of social distancing. And, we got it..!
Most events or parties are going to have to be outside so you can maintain social distancing. Whether in your backyard, estate, country club or a park you can still have your party. And, it’s the perfect time of year for it!
With packages as small as a simple microphone/speaker combo, to more elaborate setups for movie nights and sporting events, NextArts has everything you need. Audio, video, lighting, tables, chairs, tents, uplights and bistro lighting. And yes.. we even have patio heaters.
Most of our packages can also hook up to a cellphone or computer for music before or after your movie or sporting event. Make your own playlists and have fun!
You can do it yourself, too! We’ve made videos to show you how. Or, you can have us set everything up for you!
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