Event Lighting


Lighting is one of the best ways to transform
a venue space into something people will remember.

Lighting can profoundly transform any venue space into something special.  From soft hues of amber to brilliant reds or other thematic colors, or simply accenting a floral centerpiece or elegant walkway.  NextArts brings quality and creativity to all our designs, from intimate backyard weddings to large gala receptions.

Pulling from over 25 years of experience, our technical staff uses the latest lighting technology to create an exquisite and memorable design for you and your guests.  From Bay Area landmark buildings to the banquet rooms of San Francisco’s prestigious hotels and restaurants. From private residences to the finest Wineries and Estates of Napa and Sonoma Counties.  We’ve done them all.

In addition to lighting design, we also specialize in custom drape, audio systems, video, projection, red carpet and isle runners, velvet ropes, staging, and much, much more!

We welcome you to discover the diverse range of creative ideas within our website.

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Napa/Sonoma: (707) 812-3170
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  • DMX Controllers
  • Custom gobos
  • Up-lights
  • Pin spots
  • Follow spots
  • Washes and breakout lighting
  • ColorBlast12 LED lighting
  • Non-flammable Luminaria*
  • Special Effects/ Processing
  • Scrollers
  • Lasers
  • Smoke machines
  • Hazers
  • Sky Tracker Search Lights
  • String Lighting
  • Votives

* NextArts patented design

NextArts Voted Best of the Bay

NextArts was nominated by the San Francisco Chronicle for "Best Lighting." Over 70,000 votes were cast and the results are in.

We won! We are thrilled to be named the #1 Best Lighting in The Bay Area. Thanks to all who voted for us!

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