• Rent Lavalier System Rental Bay Area - Shure PGX

    Shure PGX Lavalier System


    Shure PGX Lavalier Wireless System
    Our most affordable and reliable lavalier system. The PGX is road tested and boasts extraordinary value.

  • Microphone Rental Wine Country - Shure PGX Handheld SM58

    Shure PGX Handheld System – SM58 Microphone


    Shure PGX Handheld Wireless System – SM58 Microphone

    Let your singers move around the stage with our most affordable and reliable handheld system. The PGX is road tested and boasts extraordinary value.

  • Rent Bay Area Lavalier System - Shure BLX

    Shure BLX Lavalier System


    Shure BLX Lavalier Wireless System

    Robust and affordable, the BLX lavalier is just a mark above the PGX.

  • Microphone Rental - Sonoma Shure BLX Handheld SM58

    Shure BLX Handheld – SM58 Microphone


    Shure BLX Handheld Wireless – SM58 Microphone

    With clear sound and effortless setup, the Shure BLX handheld will keep your talent happy and your cable runs short.

  • Microphone Rental SF - Countryman E6 Headset

    Countryman E6 Cardioid Headset Microphone


    Countryman E6 Cardioid Headset Wireless Microphone
    With little to no proximity effect, this is one of the most desired head worn microphones on the market. Clean and clear sound with no effort.

  • SF Rental Microphone Rental - Shure-ULXD-Handheld SM58

    Shure ULXD Handheld – SM58 Microphone


    Shure ULXD Handheld Wireless – SM58 Microphone

    Touring grade wireless coordination, this is our premiere handheld wireless microphone.

  • Lavalier Rental SF Bay Area - Shure ULXD

    Shure ULXD Lavalier


    The Shure ULXD Wireless Lavalier System delivers transparent and uncompromising audio clarity. This system includes a lavalier microphone for hands-free speech and performances.