Countryman E6 Cardioid Headset Microphone


Countryman E6 Cardioid Headset Wireless Microphone
With little to no proximity effect, this is one of the most desired head worn microphones on the market. Clean and clear sound with no effort.


You can have clean, crisp microphone sound plus amazingly low-profile looks! The lightweight, nearly invisible Countryman E6 Earset headworn mic keeps the audience’s attention where it belongs: on the performer, not the mic. When quality sound is a must, you’ll love how this mic performs. And it won’t interfere with hats, hairstyles, or headphones! You can shape the E6 to fit you perfectly, so it’s always comfortable and placed right where you need it. You’ll probably forget that you’re even wearing it! This model terminates in a TA4F connector for use with Shure systems.

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