Midas M32R Digital Console with Effects


Midas M32R Digital Console with Effects

With renowned MIDAS preamps, the Midas M32R is the Behringer X32 Compact’s big brother. With all the same features and capabilities of the X32 Compact, you’ll move effortlessly into the superior sound of the Midas M32R.


The goal for the M32R Midas digital mixing console was to combine the best of classic British console designs with advanced modern technology to completely redefine what a rack mountable digital desktop mixing console can offer.
Midas began the industrial design process by drawing inspiration from a somewhat unexpected source – the luxury and high-performance car industry.

Simply because the design teams at Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and other leading manufacturers are skilled at introducing innovative technological advancements while simultaneously maintaining the feel, essence, and intangible qualities of their cherished brands. And in essence, that’s the challenge Midas too faced when creating the M32R console.
So in order to create a future-forward design that took the MIDAS legacy even further, they enlisted the help of Rajesh Kutty, a leading industrial designer known for his work with celebrated luxury auto manufacturers such as Bentley, etc.
Kutty started by examining the design elements that have made MIDAS consoles so highly sought after – from the straightforward, logical layout to the unparalleled usability and ergonomics. These are characteristics that live sound engineers around the world have come to rely on, and are key aspects of the MIDAS legacy.
With these design elements in mind, Kutty set forth to create a styling that would be modern, innovative, futuristic, and stunningly elegant.
Many different construction materials were tested. Countless design variations were explored. And in the end, a styling was chosen that represented the perfect marriage between aerodynamic artistry and uncompromising performance. The design is both ultramodern and distinctly classic at the same time.