QSC K8.2- 8” Speaker, 1000 Watts


QSC K8.2- 8” Speaker, 1000 Watts

With a small and sleek form factor, the QSC K8.2 continues the sonically superior trend of the K Series line of speakers. For use on a stand or as a wedge, this speaker packs a punch and has onboard DSP to tune it on the fly.


The K.2 Series K8.2 Two-Way 2000-Watt Powered Speaker from QSC features next generation upgrades to the popular K-Series powered speakers and is well suited for live bands, public speaking, DJ and Club applications, as well as schools, houses of worship, and event production companies. The K.2 Series features a Class-D power amplifier supplying 1800W to the 8″ woofer and 225W to the 1.4″ titanium compression driver, which combine to deliver a frequency response of 59 Hz to 20 kHz with a peak SPL output of 128 dB.

Notable upgrades include over twice the power of the original K-Series, which provides better performance with less distortion, as well as a more powerful DSP section with user-adjustable crossover, delay, and EQ. A high-quality LCD display provides advanced functionality and control, allowing the user to select a factory voice for specific applications, or save user presets with custom selected parameters. Additionally, the K.2 now includes Hi-Z (high impedance) inputs for passive instruments, such as electric bass guitars and acoustic/electric instruments. Other features include a dual pole-cup for improved center-of-gravity, a cloth-lined grille for a more elegant look, an 1/8″ mini-jack input, three independent gain controls for each input, and a shallower monitor angle of 55°.