QSC KS-212C- Dual 12” Subwoofer for use with K8, K10, K12. 1000 Watts


QSC KS-212C- Dual 12” Cardioid Subwoofer for use with K8, K10, K12. 1000 Watts

Keep the bass frequencies in the crowd and off the stage with the KS-212C Cardioid subwoofer. Other cardioid subwoofer setups require at least two subwoofers to achieve directionality, the KS-212C does it with just one box.


Typical subwoofers radiate sound in every direction. This creates undesirable low-frequency build-up onstage and wastes energy. The QSC KS Cardioid powered subwoofer solves this problem. It redirects the energy forward, minimizing low-frequency clutter behind the system. In fact, the KS Cardioid subwoofer produces 15dB more output at the front than at the rear. The QSC KS Cardioid powered subwoofer features a dual sixth order bandpass design, efficient Class D amplifier, and the latest DSP technology to ensure top-notch sound and maximum low-frequency response.

When subwoofers are placed in front of a stage, low-frequency noise radiates from the rear of their cabinets. Too much bass onstage is troublesome. It makes monitoring difficult. Achieving a proper mix is infuriating. And you waste energy by sending low frequencies in the wrong direction. The QSC KS Cardioid powered subwoofer uses manipulation of placement, delay, and polarity to redirect the low-frequency energy forward. Performers onstage experience 15dB less low-frequency output than those in front of the cabinet. 

QSC’s lightweight yet powerful K Series sets a new standard for powered speaker systems. Their innovative Class D power modules are the epitome of efficient. All full-range models feature high-performance 1.75″ high-frequency drivers, regardless of speaker size. Enjoy sonic clarity, robust output, and powerful digital signal processing. Premium-grade materials and advanced construction processes ensure reliability and durability. And suspension options allow for a range of live and installed applications.

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